This is quite strange, discussing or analyzing the advantage of COVID-19 when the human race struggling very badly to come out from this epidemic. Some of the countries even surrender against this unprecedented situation.

So now you may be wonder, what I am going to discuss when we openly admitted that Humans are badly affected by this virus and so why any discussion about the advantage of it.

 Here is the catch.

We, Human, have the inbuilt system that we always think and analyze everything as per human point of view as a human is only the guardian of this earth and only they have the authority to use whatever resources on this beautiful earth. In other words anything which is good for a human is good for everybody but this is no way right conclusion.

For example when we see wild animals venture into roads and our neighborhood, we as a human being perceive it as a disadvantage but when you take the perspective of these animals your thinking and judgment will change and your point of view regarding everything will change.

Now let’s start discussing what advantage it brings to the mother earth in spite of lots of devastation.

 1. Environment

Covid-19 has improved environment, reducing pollution level all around the world and ecological conditions.

There are reports that wherever there is a strict restriction of lockdown, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the atmosphere reduced considerably. There is a considerable reduction of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) all over the world and in Northern Italy, it measured 40% reductions. Harmful levels of carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide also reducing. Similarly in other European cities as in Madrid, there is a reduction of nitrogen dioxide up to 50 percent. 

Can you imagine a city like Delhi which is one of the polluted cities in the world and become an almost gas chamber of poisonous gases, today enjoying clearer skies.

There is one more benefits that improvement in the environment is given the chance of return of wildlife to sea and forest and improved biodiversity in many places throughout the world.  This is very important as we have previously experienced the losing revenue of the tourism industry.

There are media reports that canals of Venice are getting fish, crabs, and various seawater plants returning to their waters for the first time after a very long period. Improvements in the environment, also given a chance for clarity of the water in rivers.  This is also important as it gave chances to wildlife to come and regroup.

There was a lot of news about strange positive things that appeared in the media. People in Northern India could see the Himalayas for the first time and after 3-4 decades. Many experienced this phenomenon only in childhood time. Here I have to admit that I myself seen Beautiful mountains from my home after almost 40 years. It all happened due to very low pollution.

Air pollution the free environment definitely reduces the death of human beings. Can you imagine that almost 9 million people died prematurely every year due to the presence of fine particulate matter in the air?

Worldwide about 4 million cases of asthma emerge in children every year due to nitrogen dioxide.

2. Human Relation

As this epidemic attacked everybody rich, poor, country religion, it therefore reminds us very forcefully that we all are a human being and we have some limitations and it makes us more humane. For many of us, it will be life-changing moments for life.

There are some other advantages during this  unprecedented and chaos situation where everyone is locked down in their home and given them some time to think about their life as a human being, learn and understand something which they have never experienced or got time.

This article is basically looking things from the perspective of a neutral writer who believes that other species and humans both have the same authority.

I am not able to share all benefit which is there, during this COVID-19 period and will be happy to get your comments on this issue and please share your positive experiences which may be strange and weird you experienced in your locality during this COVID-19 period.


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