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Aadhar PAN Link

Aadhar pan link is very important. It is mandatory.

Failing to do it attract a penalty and your Pan card may become inoperative.

As per the latest information, the Date of linking your aadhar card number with your Pan card number is now extended up to March 31, 2022.

This deadline of pan card number link with aadhar card number is extended from September 30, 2021, to March 31, 2022.

Extension of the deadline date is done on the recommendation of the central board of direct taxes (CBDT).

Central Board of Direct taxes has raised the issue of hardship being faced by people due to the coronavirus pandemic as most of the offices were closed due to the coronavirus.

Although Aadhar card linking with pan card is compulsory and mandatory at the same time, you should not forget that Linking Aadhar with Pan is very beneficial to Aadhar and pan cardholders.

There are many easy ways to do this exercise and We will discuss this in detail in this article.

Methods of Aadhaar linking with Pan

There are several methods to link aadhar card number with the pan card number.

It is easy and can be done in simple few steps. It can be done from your home itself.

1. Online – Income tax website

Step 1

To start the process of linking your Aadhar card with an income tax pan card, first of all, you should click the below-mentioned link:


Step 2

This is the Income tax department website which is one of the departments of the Government of India.

Now you will see, website page detailing several services including seeding of pan & Aadhar provided by Income tax.

Click on “LINK AADHAAR WITH PAN” under our services on this web page.

Step 3

Enter Your pan number which is ten-digit long.

Fill 12 digits aadhar card number and your name. You should also put your mobile number on the given page.

tick box as applicable in your case.

Step 4

Click ” Link Aadhaar”

Aadhar pan linked

Note: Points to remember

  1. Your name , Date of birth and your gender will be matched with the detail given in Pan and aadhar card.
  2. Make sure that you should write and fill up details of your name etc. exectly as mentioned in aadhar card. Even small spelling error will stop your aadhar card linking with your pan.
  3. Earlier minor mismatch of aadhar pan is accepted. As per circular notice no. K-11022/631/2017-UIDAI now your detail must exectly match otherwise seeding of Aadhar and PAN will not be successful.

2. Aadhar card linking with pan card with the help of mobile SMS services

You can also link your pan card number with your aadhar card number with just one step.

send a message for linking your aadhar card with pan card in the following format:


suppose, if your aadhar number is 9654 5678 1234

and your pan card number is WQWER1234B

then your message will be as follow:

UIDPAN 123456781234 AQWER1234B

SMS message to 56161

if it does not work then sent it to 567678.

Make sure your mobile number is a registered mobile number with aadhar card enrollment.

3. Aadhar link with pan card with the help of login on to Income tax website

If you are already registered on the Indian government income tax website.

you can link your Aadhar card number with a pan card number after login on to this site,

Let us discuss how you can link your Aadhar card number with your pan card number through this method:

Step 1

Click here

you will reach to Govt. Income site.

Click on login to your account.

enter your user-id

It is your PAN card number.

Tick on ” confirm your secure access message”.

and fill your password in the given space.

Step 2

Click ” link aadhar”

Step 3

Fill personal particulars

You have to put your name, your gender and your date of birth ( in the format of DD-MM-YYYY).

There are some people whose aadhar card is carrying only their year of birth. Suppose your date of birth is 08.09.2001. In the Aadhaar card it is written only in 2001.

check box ” I have an only birth year in my aadhaar” , if your aadhar is only mentioning your birth year instead of the date of birth.

Step 4

Search and select and tick box mentioning ” I agree to validate my aadhaar details”.

Step 5

Click ” Link aadhaar “

Step 6

Now you will see a pop-up. This popup message will confirm your aadhar number is linked to the pan.

Status check whether your Aadhar link with your Pan card

1. Through PAN Portal

After doing the above exercise, it is important to know whether this process is successful or not.

Do it with the following methods.

Step 1

Click on


Status 2

Search Pan services and locate “PAN AND AADHAAR LINK STATUS”

Click it.

Status 3

In step 3 you must enter your PAN number ( ten digits ) and date of birth( dd-mm-yy)

Enter captcha

Click Submit it

If you did the above procedure in the right way You will get a message confirming your Aadhaar is already linked to your pan card.

2. Status check whether your Aadhar link with your Pan card Through the Income tax website

Step 1


Step 2

Click on link aadhaar status

It will tell you about the seeding of your aadhaar pan)

Step 3

Enter your Aadharnumber

and then Pan number

Step 4

Click – View link aadhaar status

Now you should get the message verifying that your aadhar card number is already linked with your pan card number.

Why Aadhar Pan linking is important

  1. Section 139AA of the Income tax act make it mendatory that if you own Aadhaar card and pan card you must link it . incase you do not link your pancard with your aadhar card, your pan card may become in operative after specified date.Earlier date of Pan Aadhar card seeding was 30th june 2021. It was extended to 30th september 2021. This date is again extended to 31st march 2022.
  2. Now it is also medatory that you should mention your pan number while applying for allotment of PAN card.
  3. You have to provide Pan number for filing income tax return.
  4. You can varify income tax return easily, if you have linked your aadhaar card with your pan card.

People exempted link Aadhaar card with a Pan card

  1. Non citizen of India.
  2. If Indian tax law consider someone NRI.
  3. If you are more than 80 years old.
  4. You do not need to link your pan card with aadhaar card if you are resident of state of J&K, Maghalaya and Assam.
  5. Linking of Aadhar card with pan number stop one particular person having multiple pancard and thereby evading tax.
  6. Now days most of the transection go through aadhar number so if aadhar is linked with pan it is quite easy to trail these transections.
  7. Possibility of having more than one pan card can increase the possibility of fake identies. It can increase the chances of illegal transections like drug trafficking and terror funding . Chances of having multiple pan card will be removed, once Aadhar is linked with pan card.

Court Judgement regarding Aadhar pan linking

The supreme court of India upheld the decision of the Government of India linking aadhar number with the pan card number.

What to do in a situation where linking aadhar card number with pan card number Failed / unsuccessful

Check whether Pan card details and Aadhar card is matching.

If it is not matching then you have to change/ update all mentioned details in Aadhar and pan.

Procedure to change or update Pan card – Online:

For this, you require an Aadhar card and registered mobile number

Step 1

Click NSDL site


Step 2

Now under the Application type select ” change or correction in existing data

Under category put and select ” individual “

select title as applicable in your case.

Write first name, last name and middle name which you want to appear on pan card. It should also be on the Aadhaar card.

write the date of birth, email id and mobile number

fill your pan number and state yes if you are an Indian citizen

Note:1. . In case you have no surname then you should put your name in Last name / Surname.

Now check the declaration box.

Fill up and enter the security captcha code.

click submit.

Step 2

Now you will get a confirmation message with your token number. A token number will also be sent to your email id. so if you anyhow forget this token number, you can check it from your email id.

Now click on continue with PAN application form

Step 3

You will get three options for sending your documents

Click on submit button digitally through eKYC & with e-sign.

Now it will ask you whether you require a physical PAN card? Tick Yes

put Aadhar card number

Select yes

give your consent for using your photograph

select the option you want to change in the Pan card

If you want to change your Name then select it. in the same way, select and tick whatever you want to change in the Pan card. It may be your name, your date of birth or and your gender.

Fill up the name of your father.

Note: Married women should mention the name of their father and not the name of their husband.

After filling in all the above details, check all the details once again and if everything is ok, click Next.

Step 4

If you want to change your address also then check this box and fill up your address. If you do not want to change your address keep it unchecked.

Enter your country. select India if your country is India.

Keep the Check box unchecked if you have only 1 Pan card.

If you have no other pan card keep it unchecked.

Except for one pan card, others will be deactivated.

Click next

Step 5.

For your proof of identity, address and date of birth system will automatically select the Aadhaar card. For Proof of PAN, if you have a copy of the old pan then select ” copy of Pan Card” otherwise select no documents

Fill up declaration form write your name, select option himself or herself, write no. of documents.

Write the name of the place. It can be your city or village.

Click submit

Step 6

You need to put the first 08 digits of your aadhar card.

Check your all filled details. In case you want to change something click on edit and change it and then click on proceed. If the detail is ok click straightway on proceed.

Step 6

Now go for a payment. You can do payment through a debit card/ATM card or Paytm.

suppose you want to pay through Paytm select Paytm. Payment will be shown on the screen which will be around Rs. 100/=

Click on agree on button. click on pay confirm. do the payment through whatever payment method you like.

Wait for few minutes and do not refresh the page. You will get the message if your transaction is successful.

Step 7

After getting the transaction successful message click on continue

click on authenticate

Step 8

Click on continue with eKYC

Now you will get one time password both on your email id and mobile number.

Enter password

click submit.

Note: In case you have not received your OTP then click on regenerate OTP.

Click on submit

Step 9

click on continue with e-sign

Click the checkbox and then enter your aadhaar number. click on send OTP

Step 10

You will get OTP in your mobile number and email id. fill it up and click verify OTP.

It is all that was needed for successfully applying for a pan card.

Now you will get acknowledgement and download the pdf file.

The pdf file will be opened with a password. Password for opening this file will be your full date of birth

All these files will also be sent to your email id.

You will get your pan card within 10-15 days.

The status of your pan card can also be checked online with the help of your token number.

Procedure to change or update Pan card – Off line:

For this, first of all, you have to fill up form ” Request for new PAN Card or/and changes in PAN data”

Step 1

Click below portal


Click above link

Step 2

Click pdf file

New file application titled “Request For New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data” will be opened.

In this form, you have to fill up this form in block letters and black ink.

Your photo should be 3.5X2.5 cm with a white background.

In this form, you should give your personal particulars.

Leave box blank as you have only one pan.

under verification write your name and Individual ( if applying for yourself )

Write the name of the place and sign it.

Special note: if in case you are giving your thumb impression then it should be attested by Magistrate or notary.

Step 3

Submit this at the nearest NSDL collection centre.

Step 4

collect the acknowledgement slip

After getting Acknowledgement slip

Send this Acknowledgement slip to the income tax pan service.

In addition to above send a letter to the jurisdictional assessment officer

Special Note: Please make sure to send an acknowledgement receipt to the Income-tax pan service centre within 15 days of receiving acknowledgement from the NSDL collection centre.

To check NSDL collection centre. Click below


Under pan centre near your location, put your state and location.

You will get a list of pan centres with all contact details.

Contact these centres for getting full and latest details.

Procedures to change/update aadhar card – Online

As per the latest update, you can change/update your Name, language, Gender and address online.

Step 1

Click on


step 2

Click on proceed to update aadhaar

Step 3

Enter aadhar number, captcha and click send OTP

enter OTP and click login

Step 4

A new page will open giving two options – 1) Update Demographic data 2) Update address via secret code

Select first option – update demographic data

Step 5

You will get options like language ( Language of Aadhar), Gender, Address, Email, Name, Date of birth and mobile number

Select option whichever you want to change or update.

Special note: You can change a maximum of name 3 times, Gender 1 time and date of birth 1 time through this process.

Now suppose you want to change your name and date of birth. select Name and date of birth.

You will get a notification mentioning how many times you can change specific personal details.

Click and check the box ” yes I am aware of it” and then click proceed.

Step 6

You will see your current name top of the page. for a new name write your name under ” Enter your correct name” once you write your new name it will be converted in Hindi also. check whether your name written in Hindi is correct or not. if you find the name written in Hindi is incorrect take the help of the Google tool.

Under upload document, you have to upload a valid document which can be a passport, pan card, ration card, driving license etc. There are many documents that can be used for this purpose.

In case you have PAN CARD.

Choose a pan card.

Click upload

In case you want to use another document. Click on replace and upload another document.

Click on ” next”

You will see the current date of birth written at top of the page.

now as we want to change the date of birth also. you have to enter the new date of birth under ” enter the details”.

For proof of date of birth, you have to upload one document which can be any one of the given lists. You can use your passport, birth certificate, pan card, SSLC certificate, Central/state pension payment order etc.

suppose you want to use your pan card. click and select pan card and upload it. A purview of your pan card will be shown.

Special note: Always remember that your uploaded document must contain the same detail as you have mentioned in the application.

For example, if you want to update/change your date of birth to 01.01.1998, then your PAN card or any document which you are uploading should have the same date of birth. so only update that document that carries the details which you want to update.

Click on the preview.

Step 7.

Check both the preview and then fill the captcha.

click send OTP.

Enter the OTP

check box and click make payment


Step 8

You have to pay around Rs.50/=. for this, you can select a payment option – cards or net banking

if you want to do payment through debit card, then click on cards

Enter your debit / ATM number, expiry date, CVV ( written back of the card), name on the card and click proceed.

You will now get OTP (one-time-password ) on your mobile number which is registered with your bank.

Enter OTP

Click submit

You will get an acknowledgement slip.

Note down your URN number

Through this reference number, you can check the status of your aadhar card.

Procedures to change / update Aadhar – Offline

visit aadhar enrollment centre.

Step 1

locate the nearest enrollment centre.

Click on the below link:


click update aadhaar

Click on a state to find out enrollment centre

Step 2

Enter your locality particulars

fill up captcha code.

click locate a centre

step 3

you will get a list of enrollment centres in a given location

visit to Enrollment centre

step 4

Go to any enrollment centre. carry originals.

These original documents will be scanned and originals will be returned to you.

You can update the following detail by visiting the permanent enrollment centre:

  1. Demographic details – Name, address, date of birth, gender, Mobile/ phone no./ email id
  2. Biomatrics details – Photograph, finger print and iris

fill-up the form at the enrollment centre.

show your original documents and or give your bio matrics.

Ask for the acknowledgement slip.

Check carefully that the acknowledgement slip is properly printed.

check your aadhar status after a few days.

Checking status of Aadhar card:

Click on


enter Aadhar number

URN number ( received after payment),

and finally captcha.

Click check status.

Special remarks: Update and change of aadhar details will not take longer. It will be updated within 4-5 days.

after update

order for PVC card

or Download Ecard

Refer our following blog:

Aadhar card download


Aadhar Status


Frequently asked question regarding Aadhar Pan linking

Q1. is it necessary to link my aadhar card number with my pan card number?

Ans 1. Linking of Pan card with aadhaar card is absolutely necessary for various reasons. As per current income tax laws you have to link your aadhar card with pan card. You will be asked your aadhaar number while filing your income tax return.

Q 2. What is the use of aadhar Pan linking?

Ans. 3. There is much use of aadhar pan linking, which include getting government welfare scheme benefit, pension, scholarship, LPG subsidy etc.

Q 2. Can my pan card become useless if I do not link my Aadhar card number with my Pan card number?

Ans 2. As per recent reports, if you do not link your aadhar with pan numbers till a specified date which is now 31st march 2022, your pan card will become inoperative. Some penalty can also be put on individuals those will not link their pan card with aadhar card.

Q 4. Why Government of India is pushing so hard for linking aadhaar pan card?

Q4. The main reason for the government making it mandatory is so that more and more people pay income tax. In this way, government can also rack suspicious transections for evading income tax, drug trafficking or terror funding.

Q5. is there any way to seeding aadhar with pan, if there is a minor mismatch in my name?

Ans 6. Earlier some minor match was acceptable but now details of aadhar and pan must match exactly. It is herefore recommended that you first update and change these details in aadhar and pan card before going for seeding it.

Q 7. How to link the pan card number with Aadhaar card number?

Ans 8. You can link your aadhar card with your pan online. For this your phone number should be registered:

(A) Through income tax website ( without registration and login )

(B) Through login on income tax site

(C) Through SMS

(D) visit pan card centre

(E) pay fee

You can see all details about it in this article.

Q8. What to do if seeding with aadhar failed?

Ans8. In this situation go to the enrollment centre.

Q 9. If I do not an income tax payee, do still i need to link my aadhar and pan?

Ans. Even if you are not an income tax payee, it is absolutely necessary that you have to link pan aadhar to get the benefit of government schemes. so it is better to apply for pan and link with aadhar.

Q 10. Do Non-resident Indians residing in India require to link aadhar with a pan card?

Ans. 10. As per current rules and regulations, Non-resident Indians are not needed to link Aadhar with a pan card.

Q11. is there any way to delink my pan card number and aadhar card number/

Ans. 11. No, to date there is no way for delinking aadhar and pan cards, once they are linked.

Q.12. is there any document require while linking aadhaar card with a PAN card?

Ans. No document is required for linking aadhar and pan.

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