09 Best Air Purifier Plants For Your Home

How plants purify air?

In this article, we are going to discuss 09 best Air Purifier Plants for your home. There is quite different physiology in humans beings and plants’ kingdom. Humans cannot survive without oxygen and plants cannot survive without carbon dioxide.

Plants take carbon dioxide (Co2 ) and release oxygen (O2) and contrary to this, humans take oxygen and release carbon dioxide (Co2).

Plants in the process of photosynthesis take Co2 and water and in the presence of light make sugar. Oxygen is generated as a by-product in this process.

Plants take carbon dioxide and then release oxygen as a bi-product. There is a large number of plants which use C4 or C3 photosynthetic system and therefore can produce oxygen in the day time. On earth, there is some plant which uses CAM photosynthetic pathway and able to produce oxygen not only in day time but also in a night time.

According to scientists plants can absorb not only carbon dioxide but also other gases and other pollutants. This is one of the great characteristics and mechanisms of the plant kingdom. They can absorb these pollutants from water, soil and air. That is why it is recommended that some of these plants should surround us.

Transpiration and Stomata

This is a well-known fact that During the process of transpiration Plants emitted water vapor and photochemical which create air movements in the surrounding area? In transpiration, plants pull toxins into their roots and leaves.

As per one study published and conducted by NASA room filled with air purifier plants has less than 50% percent bacteria.

In many research, it was found that Air Purifier plants not only improve air quality but also your productivity in the work. It reduces our stress and tension level and also makes our mood fresh.

They can remove or absorb many volatile organic compounds which are dangerous to human health. Benzene and formaldehyde which are poisonous to human can be absorbed by these plants.

From where benzene comes in our home:

Benzene is found in pesticides, cigarette and in fabrics. This is also found in some plastics used by us.

 From where formaldehyde comes in our home:

You can find it in fabric softener and carpet cleaners as well as in dish detergent and some cosmetics.

Selection of Air Purifying Plants

As there is always some problem of getting enough light in our homerooms so we have to use Plants that can do photosynthesis in dim light and need not too much care are used as indoor plants. 

Following are the 09 best Air purifier plants for your home:

1.Areca Palm

09 Best Air Purifier Plants For Your Hom

This is established by much research that Areca Palm is one of the best air purifier plants. These plants have delicate leaves and give a tropical feel.

This plant can be grown easily in many conditions.

It requires standard house plant fertilizer which rich in micronutrients. You have to occasionally repot this plant. You can report these plants once in 2 years.  Areca palm may be reproduced, propagated, or multiplied through seeds and by cuttings an offshoot with root nodes from the mother plant.

 If you found leaves of areca palm wilting or yellowing. It indicates that plant is not getting sufficient and regular watering.

Please remember excess watering create brown tips of areca palm leaves.

Location of keeping this plant: these plants should be placed in a location where it gets indirect ample sunlight. This place can be your home corridor or living room. Place this plant near to your bed and your home will look fresh, chick, and brighter.

 Light requirement: These plants like bright and indirect sunlight.

This plant removes air pollutants from the air. It also converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. As per estimated 4-5 fully grown plants are sufficient to provide fresh air to one human being.


2.Mother in law tongue ( sansevieria trifasciata)

09 Best Air Purifier Plants For Your Hom

There are reports that this plant is used by NASA to remove benzene from the air so that the quality of air improves. Because this plant can improve air quality by producing oxygen at night time it is also called a bedroom plant. These require less water and grow well in full sunlight and even in dim light. Six well-grown plants in your home are sufficient for one person and give you fully fresh air.


3.Money plant ( Epipremnum aureum)

09 Best Air Purifier Plants For Your Hom

NASA has listed this plant for removing chemicals as well as air pollutants from the air. This plant has the ability to remove most of the pollutants. Can be easily grown in indirect sunlight, require regular watering

4.Gerbera Daisy ( Gerbera Jamesonjj)

09 Best Air Purifier Plants For Your Hom

This plant is regularly used to beautify gardening. These plants produce very good quantity of oxygen at night. It can remove benzene and trichloroethylene from air. It is very useful in breathing disorder.

These plants can easily be grown in places where we get bright and indirect light. Require regular watering. As this is a decorative plant, you may use any number of plants at your home

5.Spider Plant

09 Best Air Purifier Plants For Your Hom

Spider plant is quite good for removing carbon monoxide and xylene.  This plant is very easy to grow.  This plant is non-toxic to animals. Put this plant in your living room

6.Aloe Vera

09 Best Air Purifier Plants For Your Hom

Aloe vera plant is known for its ability to remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air. These products can enter your home very easily as this is found in varnishes and floor finishes. 

This is a soft and succulent plant and can also be used as soother for minor kitchen burns.

It requires sunny light and low watering. Can put this plant at any well lit corner.

 7.Peepal Tree (Ficus religiosa or sacred fig)

09 Best Air Purifier Plants For Your Hom

This is one of the important trees which we can use for improving air quality. As per research findings, this plant can releases oxygen not only in the day but also at night time and you can sleep beneath this tree at any time of the day. This is also a well-known fact about this plant that the Leaves of this tree can absorb carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide.

8.Neem Tree ( Azadirachta indica A. Juss. )

09 Best Air Purifier Plants For Your Hom

Due to its very large and thick leaf surface it can absorb very big amount of cabon dioxide. It can also provide protection against sulphur dioxide.

9.Tulsi PlantOcimum tenuiflorum )

Tulsi plant has anti infalmatory and anti bacterial chracterstics which help improving air quality.

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