Aadhar card download in pdf

Aadhar card download in pdf file is quite easy and after reading this article you will be able to download aadhar card within few minutes.

Aadhar card can be obtained with or without your mobile number registered with Aadhaar card authorities.

Earlier you can receive your Aadhar card only in case your mobile is registered during Aadhar card enrollment. With new updates and due to changes in policy, now you can receive your aadhar card with any mobile number.

In this article, we will discuss and learn several easiest methods by which you can download aadhar card or receive your aadhar card.

Primarily there are below mentioned ways to get your Aadhar card:

1. Online Aadhar card download in pdf – (A) Through directly from the website (B) Through Mobile APP

2. Off line – Personal visit to an enrollment center

You will be happy to know that even you do not have your mobile number enrolled, you still get your Aadhar card with any mobile number.

1. Online Aadhar card download in pdf – Directly from Website

In this article, we have tried to give you, easiest methods so that you can download your Aadhar card with very few details. We also made sure that, no method takes more than two minutes to process the request of Aadhar card download in pdf.

Now, we will discuss in detail online methods of Aadhar card download in pdf.

(A) E-Aadhar card download in pdf through Aadhar Number:

Step 1

To download the Aadhar card in pdf format you have to first link to the UIDAI site. To reach this site you should click below to start the process of Aadhar card download in pdf for further steps:

Start the process of Aadhar card download in pdf

The above link will take you to the Unique Identification Authority India website which is quite efficiently run by the Government of India.

Step 2

On the website page find my aadhaar card and then click on ” MY AADHAAR CARD”

Step 3

In this step you click on ” MY AADHAAR CARD”, a new page will open. Once this new page opens, click on ” GET AADHAAR “

Step 4

After clicking on ” GET AADHAAR” you will find several options. Just find the option ” DOWNLOAD AADHAAR” and click on it.

Step 5

Now you will be presented with a new page asking for some details to fill up.  Fill up your aadhaar number. Aadhaar number is a 12 digit number and mentioned on your Aadhar card. 

Fill up the captcha security number and click on ” SEND OTP”

Step 6

You will now get a one-time password (OTP) on your registered mobile number.

Step 7

Enter the one-time password in a given space. Please remember OTP is a time-bound password and you should enter it before it gets expired.

Step 8

Now you are ready to get Aadhar card download in pdf format but before Aadhar card download starts you have to give an answer to few questions about your experience for getting Aadhar card.

Give any answer as you feel appropriate and click on “VERIFY AND DOWNLOAD”.

Step 9

The download of Aadhar card in pdf will start and now you can open it.

To maintain privacy and security, this pdf file requires a password.

Your password for opening this Aadhaar card pdf file will be, 04 letters of your first name and 04 digits of your year of birth.

For example, if your name is Lilawati Kumari and your date of birth is 04.09.1998 then your password to open this file will be – LILA1998.

Write your password in capital letters.

You are now the proud owner of the Aadhar card. 

Once the Aadhar card is downloaded in pdf format you can share it to WhatsApp or on your email id. Alternatively, if you are downloading an Aadhar card on your laptop and it is attached to the printer, you can print it instantly. 

(B) E-Aadhar card download in pdf format through Enrollment Number

In a situation where you do not know the Aadhar number, you can download aadhaar card through the Enrollment number. 

The enrollment number is twenty-eight digit long. This enrollment number is provided to you when you enroll yourself for Aadhar enrollment. This is mentioned in the Acknowledgement slip.

This will be in the following format:

1234 5678 6789 04/03/2021 03:30:10

This is consists of fourteen numbers of enrollment with 14 digits mentioning the date and time of enrollment.   

So now let us see how we can download aadhaar card with the help of an Enrollment number.

Step 1

Go and click  here

Step 2

After clicking the above link you will reach the Government of India site – UIDAI.

Step 3

Search for ” DOWNLOAD AADHAAR CARD” Under the ” MY AADHAAR CARD” tab and click it

Step 4

Once you click ” DOWNLOAD AADHAAR CARD”, You have to select an option  stating I have ” ENROLLMENT ID (EID)

Step 5

Fill up your 28 digits unique enrollment number and also enter a security captcha.

Step 6

Click on the button that states ” SEND OTP”, You will get a six-digit One time password on your registered mobile number. 

Check this ONE TIME PASSWORD  in your SMS messages.  Do not search this OTP on WhatsApp as OTP is always sent through SMS messages.

Step 7

Copy this SMS OTP and entered it in a given space. 

Step 8

After doing the above exercise click on ” SUBMIT & VARIFY “

Step 9

Answer a couple of questions as per your understanding about the Aadhar card process and click on ” DOWNLOAD”.

You will receive an Aadhar card in a pdf file which you can print it or and share it through your Email ID and WhatsApp.


This may be the case that your mobile number is not registered during enrollment of your Aadhar card. 

In this situation, you can still get your aadhar card online with the help of any mobile number. 

Step 1

Click here

Step 2

Under ” MY AADHAAR”  go-to ” GET AADHAAR”

Step 3


Step 4

After click on ” ORDER AADHAAR PVC CARD”. Now fill up the Aadhaar number or enrollment number and security captcha. 

As you do not have registered mobile number so checked box ” MY MOBILE NUMBER IS NOT REGISTRED “

Step 5

Once you click /tick the check box ” MY MOBILE IS NOT REGISTRED “, It will ask you to fill up any mobile number.

In this process you will get OTP on your mentioned mobile number, enter it and verify it.

Special Note regarding this method: As you can well understand this method is incorporated for helping genuine aadhar card enrolled people.

There are chances that someone other than genuine people, take advantage of this situation and download the Aadhar cards of other people.

To save your privacy Aadhar card preview will not be available on the website. Aadhar card will be sent to your address so that no matter who ordered it. It will reach the genuine Aadhar cardholder.

Moreover minimal charges of Rs. 50 / will also be required to pay for ordering this type of Aadhaar card.  You can pay this amount in multiple payment methods which include Debit card payment. 

As Aadhaar card issuance is very well managed by UIDAI, you can expect to get this Aadhar card within few days. 

Let’s discuss problems that may arise during the Aadhaar card download with the above-mentioned procedures.

Question 1.  How can I download the Aadhaar card, if I do not have an Aadhar card number and enrollment number?

Answer 1.  In case you do not have an Aadhar card number and enrollment number.  You can get Enrollment number  by following methods:

Step 1

Click on this LINK


Step 2

Under ” I want to retrieve my lost or forgotten ” choose option Enrollment ID.

Step 3

Fill up your Name, Mobile Number, or Email ID and Security captcha verification code. Click TAB which states Send OTP and verify it.

Step 4

Once you get Enrollment ID on your Mobile number / Email ID,  refer to the method mentioned in this article ” (B) e-Aadhar card download in pdf format through Enrollment Number”.

Question 2.  What is a masked Aadhaar Card and How I get it/

Answer   2.  Ordinary Aadhar card has a 12 digits Unique number. There is the availability of Aadhar card which has only 04 digits in it. This Aadhar is called Masked card.

To download a masked aadhaar card, you can go through the following procedure.

Click on start the process for getting a masked aadhaar card.

Step 1

Enter your aadhaar number or enrollment number.  Check the box TAB stating ” I want a Masked Aadhaar?” and click send One-time password.

Step 2

Varify OTP and if asked give your feedback for a couple of questions and you will get Masked Aadhaar to download in a pdf file.

Step 3

Share it or print it or keep a pdf copy of the Aadhaar card on your mobile.


Question No. 3.  What is a Virtual ID card and why is it important?

Answer No.  3. To hide the actual 12 digit aadhar number, there is the provision of aadhar card having a temporary 12 digit aadhar number. 

This 12 digit aadhar number is for a temporary period and the holder of aadhar card can revoke it at any given time. 

Although by this temporary number no one can get an idea of the actual aadhar number but can do KYC verification.

If you want to obtain or aadhaar card download in pdf format through virtual ID, first you have to receive a virtual ID.

Procedure to get Aadhaar virtual Id.

Step 1

Click on here

Step 2 

Click on Aadhar number and fill up Aadhaar number, security captcha, and verify OTP.

Step 3

You will get a virtual id aadhaar number which you can use for many purposes including downloading e-aadhar card online. 


Question No. 4  What is TOTP and how to get it and use it ?

Answer No. 4     To understand TOTP, we have to understand first how OTP works.  Whenever there is verification require Aadhaar card authority sends a one-time password ( OTP ) on your mobile which you have to copy and entered in a given space and varify it.

Getting OTP on your mobile is dependent on internet services which impact the delivery of passwords on your mobile. There are some occasions when you do not get OTP in time. There may also be some other reasons where some people are not comfortable with this system. 

To make things better, the Unique authority of India ( UIDAI ) has come with quite an interesting and modern feature which is called TOTP. This is a time-based one-time password. To get the advantage of this facility you should have the mAahaar App on your mobile. 

In this method, instead of getting OTP on your mobile through SMS, you will get OTP on the screen of your mobile and you can use it for verification purposes. This TOTP will be expired within thirty seconds and if you do not use it within 30 seconds new TOTP will be generated.

Question No. 5. What is the eligibility of getting an Aadhar Card?

Answer  No.  5.  All Indians without any age restriction are entitled to get an Aadhar card

Question No. 6. I am a foreigner but living in India, can I get Aadhar card?

Answer No. 6. Any foreigner national who is living in India for 182 days immediately 12 months are entitled to get Aadhar Card.

Question No. 7. I am a Non-Resident Indian ( NRI ), Can I get enrolled in Aadhar Card?

Answer No. 7. If you are living in India for 182 days in the last year, you are entitled to get an Aadhar card. 

Question No. 8. is a newborn child is entitled to get an Aadhar card?

Answer No. 8. Absolutely Yes. There is no age restriction for anyone who is otherwise eligible for getting an Aadhar card.

Above we have discussed how to get aadhar card download in pdf file online through directly from the website. Here we discuss how to download Aadhar card through a mobile App.

1. B. Online Aadhar card download in pdf -(B) Through Mobile APP

Gone are the days when you can download Aadhar cards only through the website. 

Now there are several mobile App, by which you can Download an Aadhar card in simple few steps.

(A) E-Aadhar card download in pdf file through mAadhar App.

The mAadhaar app is the most important App for downloading the Aadhaar card. This App is quite easy to use and by this App, you can get an Aadhar card in easiest way. 

Let us talk about the steps needed to obtain aadhar card with the help of the mAadhaar App. 

Step 1

In this step, we will download and install the mAadaar App on our mobile. For this search, Google plays store and download maadhaar App. 

Once it is installed, go for the open mAadhaar App.

Step 2

It will ask for some details like the option of your language, your consent for App to use different features like photos, media, etc. Fill as appropriate.

You will get a one-time password once you fill up your mobile number.

Step 3

Varify one-time password and now create 04 digit Secret PIN number. This PIN number is very important and you must remember it whenever you want to open the mAadhaar App. 

Step 4

Now you are ready to get all Aadhaar card-related services including the Aadhaar card download in pdf syle.

search download aadhaar card and click it. you will get an Aadhar card and now you can share it or print it as you feel appropriate. 

(B) Aadhar card download in pdf through  Digi locker.

Step 1

Click on this link

After clicking the above link, you have to sign up for Digi locker.

For this, you should fill up your personal details like your name, Date of birth, and your gender male and female.

You have to also enter your mobile number, Aadhar number, Email id. 

Create your 6 digit PIN password. 

Once you created a six-digit PIN, Sign in  and search for ” Download Aadhaar card with Digi locker”

try to locate TAB   ” Download Aadhaar card with Digi locker” and click it.

Search for ” Issued documents” 

under issued document click on ” Aadhar Card”

You will get an Aadhar card in pdf format.

(C) Online Aadhar card download with the help of Mobile App UMANG

Get it to download from the google play store.

Select your language and mobile number

create PIN number

You can register it with your mobile number plus a PIN or through an OTP number

Enter your aadhar number and verify OTP.

Search different services in Umang App and search Digi locker 

under Digi locker, search for issued documents’

Now you will get your Aadhar card downloaded in pdf format.

Open it and fill up your password 

 Enter your Aadhaar card number

verify your OTP numbers

After the above action Now you should allow the Umang app to provide multiple services and click on it

Search Digi locker in it and sign it

enter the aadhar card number, you will get OTP on registered Number

After signing, now you can download documents including Aadhar card.

Now click the Aadhaar card under issued documents..

Aadhar card is now downloaded. You can now share it.

Now as we discussed different ways of download Aadhar cards in pdf format, we will now discuss some frequently asked questions ( FAQ) regarding Aadhar card download and other related quiries.

Q. 1. What is an Aadhar card and for what purpose Can I use it?

Ans. 1. Aadhar card is a biometric twelve-digit unique identification enrollment number. you can use an Aadhar cardholder can be used as an Identity card.

Q. 2. Is there any legal backing for the Aadhar card?

Ans. As per section 4(3) of the Aadhaar act 2016 Physical or electronic forms of aadhaar may be accepted as identification for any purposes.

Q.3. What is e-aadhaar card ? and its legal status?

Downloaded Aadhar card online through directly from the website or mobile App is called e-aadhaar card. As per Section 4 (3) of the Aadhaar act 2016 with regulation 15(1) of the same act Electronic form of aadhaar card is valid and at par with a physical copy of the Aadhar Card.

Q.4 How can I convert my printed aadhar card into pdf file?

Q.5 Just download the adobe App from the Google play store. With the help of this app, you can make any printed hard copy document into a high-quality pdf.

Q.6 Is the use of an Aadhar card is safe?

Ans. Central Identities data repository stored aadhar card data, This is the CIDR to maintain it securely.

Q.7. Can someone hack my bank account if he comes to know my 12 digits Aadhar number?

Ans. It is not possible to hack your account merely knowing your Aadhar card number. it is quite satisfying that so far, no reported case where any breach of security of aadhar has happened,

Not only this you can get an e-Aadhaar card download in pdf format mentioning virtual aadhaar number.

Q. 8. What are a masked aadhar card and its advantage and disadvantage?

Q.9. You can download e-aadhar card in two formats- 1. Regular Aadhaar Card 2. Masked Aadhaar card

In a regular Aadhaar card, all the 12 digits are visible on the Aadhaar card but in a Masked aadhaar card, only four digits of your aadhaar enrollment number will be visible.

Advantage of Masked Aadhaar card – It gives you psychological confidence that except you no one knows your 12 digits aadhaar enrollment number and therefore no question of worrying its security.

Disadvantage: As all 12 digits are not visible in masked aadhaar card , online verification of your aadhaar card by organizations especially private , is not possible.

How to verify the Aadhar card to know whether the Aadhar card submitted to you is genuine or fake?

Step 1. Visit this link

Step 2 Enter Aadhar number and security captcha.

You will get the result of the Aadhaar verification

it states the number of aadhaar card whether it exists. and if it exists it will give you the following details:

(A) Age band (B) His / Her gender ( C ) His/ her State (D) Last three digits of his/her mobile numbers.

Q. 10. what is a PVC card?

Ans. 10. This is the quite the latest form of Aadhaar card which have the following features:

(A) This Aadhar card is having a digital signature.

(B) Secure QR code

( C ) It has a photograph of Aadhaar card holder

(D) multiple security features.

(E) it is a hard copy, durable, and easy to carry.


We have tried to cover most of the ways and methods of Aadhar card download online. Answers to some questions are also provided.

Hope after reading this article, you will be able to Aadhar card download in pdf format within few minutes.

You can refer to our How to download Aadhaar card on mobile

Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome. Feel free to share if you find anything missing in this article.

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