Agriculture, whenever we talk about this term images of tractors, bullock-carts, and people working hard on the agricultural farms/fields come across our minds. However, the time has now changed and new technology has entered into the agricultural sector.

Mobile Technology today is present in all parts of our lives, and it is widely available to almost everyone. At present, the main forms of technology in the industry, farming, and household is mobile technology. As per an estimate, nearly 80% of the world’s population has access to mobile and about 90% of farmers use mobile phones, especially in developing countries. This number of mobile users leads us to the conclusion that we have the ability to use mobile technology to help farmers improve their agricultural production.

In the field of agricultural farming, the improvement, and advancement in technology brought many significant changes in the facilities used in farming. One of the most noticeable changes in the use of mobile Phones in agriculture is the development of monitoring protocols and systems for monitoring and managing farms and farmworkers.

How has Mobile communications technology impacted world agriculture? Mobility has rapidly become the world’s most used techniques of transmitting data, voice as well as various sorts of services in the world today.

As the use of mobiles is increasing at a very high rate, even the companies and other organizations are starting to explore how they can make most of the mobile technology to enhance their business and profit. The best way to deliver information and services to the farmers is certainly the use of Mobile Apps. Mobile applications is making it easy to allow the companies to reach a wider farming community, in a more cost-effective and personalized manner.

After transforming retail, banking, or healthcare, mobile technology has now is marching towards the Agricultural sector as well.    Today the world is flooded with the volume of mobile applications that are there in the market. Today mobile is needed for retailers as well for farmers., those are looking for relevant information and mobile is capable of doing it.   Some of the recent studies are very clearly showing who is using which service, and what the demands and needs of the users are. The mobile app developers also understand how a particular service will fit into the farmers’ lives and information which the farmer requires. Therefore, they are learning and gathering full details of app. and building apps with services which will be very beneficial for the farmers and their families. One of the examples is the costing details and information for various sorts of markets, if an app is able to provide such information, in real-time then it will surely be highly beneficial s for the farmers to know about the best market.


Use of Mobile Technology

       manage your plantations, fields, and check weather forecasts.

       Gone are the days when farmers working in the field was at the mercy of weather conditions. Now with a mobile application in their pocket, they can log activities and check rainfall conditions on the go.

      register tasks execution, input usage and finances

       You can keep track of expenses on each field or track spent item quantities, you can do that with an available mobile application.

       add reminders, check for notifications and more

You can check of Information regarding mechanization, meetings, contracts, or other deals. You can also add documents, pictures, or contracts.

In India there are many mobile Apps available for farmers but following are some of the important Apps.

1. AgriApp – Most liked farming mobile App in India. It also provides a single plate form for farmers and agricultural services. Include chat options for farmers.

2. Iffco Kisan – It is the best app in out of almost all agricultural apps for farmers. It is a small Android app in terms of memory with an easy interface to use. This android application provides information about the latest agriculture advice, latest market prices, and various farming techniques and tips. It also provides weather forecast information. It also provides agriculture alerts to farmers in more than ten Indian languages.

 3. Agri Media Video App– It is one of the most popular in mobile apps among Indian farmers, in the video category. This Popular mobile App is also provides various videos related to agriculture and animal husbandry  practices, new technologies, stories of successful farmers, rural development, agriculture news, new government schemes related to agriculture and related fields etc.

4. FarmBee – RML It is very high in the list of agriculture android apps. It provides agriculture content and information regarding crop requirements at every stage of the crop life cycle. A farmer can choose from 500 crop varieties, 1400 markets, and 3400 weather locations. It also provides market price and weather forecasts based on a user location.

5. Kisan Yojana-is another popular Android agriculture app available for free. It provides information about all Indian and state Govt schemes to farmers. It fills up the information gap between the farmers and Govt. It also provides the schemes of the different states Government. This mobile application also saves them time and travel expenses of farmers to reach the state Govt office.

There is no doubt that the main reason for poverty among farmers in developing countries is mainly due to the non-availability of information in a timely manner. Now, this is the responsibility of all of us to provide the latest technology to farmers, so that they can use it and achieve what they deserve. All types of information regarding crop, its fertilizer requirement, Pest and weed control chemicals, markets for agricultural produce and prices of crops in different markets, must be provided to farmers by private and Government organizations.




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