Best Healthy Tea in India for 2020

Best Healthy Tea in India For 2021

Every one of us wants to find out which is the Best Healthy Tea in India for 2021?? In this article, we would like to find it out which type of tea we should consume as much as our health is concerned.

Tea cultivation is usually done in large commercial farms called Tea Estates. People involved in Tea farming are called Tea Planters.

Tea is made from the leaves of the tea plant camellia Sinensis.

Normally each tea estate has its own office compound, thousand acres of land to grow and cultivate tea plants, a Tea Factory, and thousands of workers who stay in tea estates.

Tea estate provides accommodation to all their staff. Life is quite amazing in a tea estate. Indian Tea Estates are famous for their scenic and beautiful bungalows.

Before discussing what type and brand of Healthy Tea you should buy and consumed, first, we should discuss important factors which make the good or average quality of Tea.

Factors affecting Quality of Tea

Although Tea is divided into different categories the quality of tea made basically depend on the following reasons

Plucking Rounds

To make the best healthy tea, tea leaves are plucked regularly so that most of the tea raw material should have only buds, two, and a bud.

To get tender leaves of this size you have to pluck each tea bush every 5-6 days. Any increase in this period will increase fiber in the tea leaves which will decrease the quality of tea.

A shorter plucking round is the most important factor for maintaining the quality of tea. Quality tea has a pleasant aroma and flavor.

As longer plucking round gives more yields, therefore some inferior quality tea estates tend to do it to make more money.

You, therefore, try to avoid these types of tea gardens and buy tea only from reputed gardens.

Climatic Conditions

Location of Tea garden also has some impact on quality of tea. In India the quality of tea produced in Darjeeling which is situated at a high altitude far superior to the tea produced in the plain area of the Dooars region, although both areas are situated in West Bengal same state of India. If you are an experienced Tea planter, you can easily judge from where particular tea is come from. Darjeeling tea gives a different flavor from tea made in Assam, India.

Tea Can be Classified in following Ways:

Best Healthy Tea in India For 2021 under Organic Tea

Organic Tea is the best healthy tea among all teas made all over the world and has a great future in near future.

Due to the indiscriminate use of harmful pesticides, weedicides, and fertilizers, tea produce is increasingly contaminated with dangerous chemical residues and needs immediate attention.

Tea produce organically has many minerals and vitamins which help in metabolism and build your strength. It has vitamin H and Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is good for bone health and also reduces depression.  Vitamin H is good for healthy skin.

Organic Tea with tulsi leaves make organic tea a very healthy drink as due to the good quantity of antioxidants and phytonutrients it protects the human body from radicals.  This tea increases the natural immune system of the human body. 

There are many national and international level organizations that strictly monitoring chemical residues in the tea made.

These organizations have issued strict guidelines regarding the use of chemicals in tea gardens and many harmful chemicals are already banned.

There are many tea gardens that have already started cultivating tea without using any chemicals and fertilizers.

As these gardens are not using any chemicals to control pests and weeds and totally depend on organic materials, their cost of production increases with low yield per hectare, compared to other gardens.

Currently, many tea companies started blended organic tea, mixed with other healthy products like tulsi herbs.

It is therefore highly recommended to drink organic tea regularly for your natural health and energy boost.


Best Healthy Tea in India For 2021 under Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the best healthy teas, which is made from tea leaves of the Tea plant Camellia Sinensis. Leaves of Camellia sinensis are heated and dried in such a way that there should not be too much oxidation. In this process tea leaves turned brown.

There are 03 tea flush periods from which different qualities of green tea are made.

First Flush –April to May – Excellent Quality green Tea made from this flush.

Second Flush – June to July – Good quality tea made

Third Flush   – July to August – Average to good quality made

Green Tea is a healthy drink which if drink regularly can help you lose weight and protect you from diabetes, cancer, and heart attack.

Green tea has antioxidant which is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These properties of green tea make it an effective drink to fight skin problems.

You should not boil green tea leaves because it will scorch the leaves and you will not be able to get the full flavor of green tea.


Best Healthy Tea in India For 2021 under CTC Black Tea

Most of the tea made in India is from CTC. CTC stands for crush, tear and curl.

The First CTC machine was installed in 1930 at Amgoorie Tea estate under the supervision of Sir William McKercher.

CTC tea is made when tea leaves are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers, which have hundreds of sharp teeth that crush, tear, and curl the tea leaves.

In India and many Asian Countries, CTC Black Tea is standard quality tea that is used throughout this subcontinent. Cutting Tearing Curling tea is gone through withering and fermentation.

Black Tea made after the process of CTC has a lot of antioxidants that protect us from cancer.

CTC tea also keeps the human body hydrated. Black CTC tea has 50-90 mg per cup caffeine.

CTC tea also prevents heart attack, cuts down fat, and improves digestion significantly.

According to the sizes of tea made, CTC tea is divided into the following grades.

  1. Broken Orange Pekoe one
  2. Golden Flowery Broken orange Pekoe one
  3. Broken Pekoe Souchong
  4. CTC dust

Top-quality CTC Tea manufacturer

  1. Tata Tea 
  2. Brooke Bond
  3. Goodricke

Assam black CTC tea is used in masala tea / mixed spice tea with milk.


Best Healthy Tea in India For 2021 under Orthodox Tea

Orthodox tea is top-class healthy tea that is made through a traditional process that includes plucking of green leaf, rolling of green leaf, withering of tea leaves, oxidation, and drying of green leaves.

Unlike CTC this tea is rolled into little pellets and oxidized. In this process, tea leaves are never cut. The intent of the production of orthodox tea is to preserve the singular virtues of the leaf.

Orthodox tea is time-consuming and requires a lot of human intervention. Orthodox tea has the most authentic experience and is known for its complexity and delicate make. It is highly prized in the world market.


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