Benefit of eating Mushrooms

There is a lot of benefit to eating Mushrooms. Mushroom has high-quality proteins, vitamins, salt, and minerals in it.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the importance of Mushroom food and what types of Mushroom foods are available in the market and some FAQ regarding Benefit of eating Mushrooms.

Mushroom is a fungus having a lot of nutrient values.

High-quality proteins mean that Mushroom has all required amino acids in it.

Mushroom has around 35% of protein.

It has a protein digestibility of more than 60 percent which is even more than protein obtained from plants.

Food and Agriculture Organisation recommended mushrooms for malnutrition areas.

Most importantly even after drying or after making pickles from mushrooms, it does not lose any nutrients.

MushroomProtein %Fat %Carbohydrate %Energy %Minerals %Water %
White Button Mushroom28.18.959.43539.490.4
Oyster Mushroom30.42.257.63459.890.8
Milky Mushroom17.74.164.33607.486.0
Paddy Straw Mushroom29.55.760.03749.888.0

White button Mushroom has the following Vitamins and Minerals in it.

Food material 100 gm
Vitamin ANil
Vitamin B ( Thiamin )0.12 mg
Vitamin B2 ( Riboflavin ) 0.52 mg
Vitamin C ( Ascorbic acid)8.60 mg
Vitamin Dnil
Vitamin Enil
Vitamin Klittle bit
Niacin5.85 mg
Panto tannic acid2.38 mg
Calcium0.0024 mg
Phosphorous0.15 mg
Potassium0.15 mg
Iron19.50 mg
Alanine2.40 mg
Arginine1.90 mg
Aspartic acid3.14 mg
cysteine0.18 mg
Glutamic acid7.06 mg
Glycine1.20 mg
Histidine0.64 mg
Icoliocine1.28 mg
Liuocin2.16 mg
Liciene1.62 mg
Methionine0.39 mg
Phenyl Alanine1.55 mg
Proline2.50 mg
Sarine1.89 mg
Threonine1.48 mg
Tryptophan3.94 mg
Birocine0.78 mg
Valine1.63 mg

As mentioned above almost all the required vitamins and minerals are found in mushrooms, which tells us the benefit of eating mushrooms.

Benefit of eating mashrooms for its source of Energy ( Calories)

Mushroom is a good source of energy and minimum calory food.

The benefit of eating mushrooms can be evidence of the fact that It has 90 % of water, 10 % dry matter, and 0.6 % fat.

Due to the low quantity of fat, it is good for obesity and heart-related diseases.

454 grams of fresh mushroom gives around 119-kilo calory.

Main benefit of eating mushrooms is its high quality Protein

There is 2.5 to 3.5 percent protein found in mushrooms. In dried mushrooms, the protein percentage is around 30 %.

Due to the very high quality of protein, digestibility is up to 90 percent.

This is proved in scientific experiments that protein found in Milk, Eggs, Meat, and fish is of high quality compare to plants’ protein because there is a deficiency of some Amino acid in plants protein.

For example, there is a shortage of Liciene and Trictophan in Wheat and Rice.

In Pulses, there is a shortage of Methionine and Cysteine.

Quality of protein measured considering milk as 100 on measuring scale.

Quality of Protein in mushroom in comparison to other foods

The benefit of eating Mushrooms can understand the fact that it has very high-quality protein which is not available in other plants.

SL.Food Material Quality of Protein
3Meat, Fish, Chicken85
6Wheat, Rice55

The above list clearly mentioned that Protein in Mashroom is of good quality.


There is a sufficient amount of Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C, Niacin, and pantothenic acid found in Mushrooms.

Due to less quantity of oil found in mushrooms, vitamins soluble in oil like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K are found in almost no quantity.

Mushroom has a large quantity of iron which help in increasing the production of blood. that’s why it is good food for pregnant women and anemia patients.


mushroom has mannitol – 0.9 %, Sugar – 0.28 %, glycogen -0.50 % and hemicellulose – 0.91 percent. This is why mushroom food is a good diet for reducing weight.


only 0.3 percent fat is found in mushrooms and required fatty acid linalik acid is found insufficient amount. Linalik acid is a required fatty acid for humans.

Mushroom has Agocitrol which when entered into the body converts to Vitamin D.

Due to Fiber benefit of eating mushrooms become more evident

Mushroom has a very large quantity of fiber which increases digestion and protects from hyperacidity.

Fiber increases the immunity of the human body to fight many diseases.


mushroom has a large quantity of potassium, magnesium, and iron but the quantity of calcium is a little low in mushroom.

Medicinal value of Mushrooms

Some varieties of mushrooms are used in medical science and homeopathy.

There are many countries where labourer, women, and children those have deficiencies of protein and vitamins. Mushroom is quite a good diet for this population.

Mushroom is recommended for many diseases like obesity, heart diseases, cancer, and constipation.

This is a good diet for the malnutrition population as it is a good source of protein and vitamins.

Mushrooms can be used as Pickles, vegetable, or mixed vegetable diet.

The United Nations – Food and agriculture organization recommended Mashroom diet for developing countries.

Benifit of eating mushrooms as it has Medicinal value of different Mushroom for different diseases

2Gryphola fondosaHeart disease
3Latinos EdodasKidney
5HariseiumBlood pressure, Allergy
6Amenta Muskariaepilepsy
7Auricularia auriculaSwelling & irritation of eyes, swelling of Neck

How to distinguish between eatable and poisonous Mushrooms

Mushroom has a good quantity of useful materials but there is some mushroom which is non-eatable & poisonous.

These non-eatable mushrooms grow naturally in forests as umbrella types and with different colors. Poisness mushrooms mostly grow in forests and nature.

Mushrooms that are not eatable and poisonous are called Tod Stool. Eating these mushrooms can create Gastroentriteous disease.

Although there are few naturally grown mushrooms that can be poisonous but mushrooms obtained after cultivation are good for health and safety.

There is no definite way to differentiate between eatable and poisonous mushrooms but with knowledge and experience, you can recognize eatable and non-eatable mushrooms.

Characteristics of poisonous Mushrooms

  1. Naurally grown mushrooms are destroyed in the same place as no insect or animal eat it. If you see carefully you will find that there will be no insect, ant or termite found in and around this mushroom.
  2. Spore arc of these mushroom is of yellow or green coloure.
  3. Once break it , you will find yellowish milk or solution coming out from this mushrooms.
  4. Poisness mushrooms are quite attractive and of bright beautiful coloures.
  5. Poisness mushrooms are noneatable due to muscarien material found in it. Atropin is antidose for it.

All the mushrooms which are grown by artificial scientific cultivation are of good quality mushrooms and they are harmless and mushrooms obtained through scientific cultivation can never be harmful.

To get the advantage of Mushrooms, it can be Used in different ways:

  1. Mushroom soup
  2. mushroom buisket
  3. negets
  4. nudal
  5. papad
  6. candies
  7. muraba
  8. mushroom chips
  9. mushroom curry
  10. mushroom ketchup
  11. Mushroom Pakoda
  12. Mushroom vegetable
  13. Mushroom Cutlet
  14. Mushroom cofta
  15. Mushroom matar
  16. mushroom makroni
  17. mushroom pickles
  18. mushroom munchurian
  19. mushroom masala
  20. Mushroom salad
  21. Kadai mushroom
  22. Mushroom palak
  23. Mushroom child diet
  24. mushroom pulaw
  25. mushroom chatini
  26. mushroom dum bariani
  27. mushroom parantha

Let’s discuss what types of Mushrooms are available in the market and how we can harness the benfit of eating mushrooms

1. Mushroom Soups

Mushroom soups are the best source of Nutrition. Mushroom has several minerals and vitamins in it.

Mushrooms are the best option as a snack because although they are nutritious but are in low calories. Calories in Mashroom is quite low compared to bread and any sugary drinks.

I have chosen the following handpicked mushroom soups which you can have any time of the day for your unwanted craving.

(A) Knorr International Italian Soup

This mushroom soup is 100% pure vegetable. No. preservative is added to this soup. This mushroom is of an irresistible aroma. Has a lip-smacking taste.

This vegetable soup is composed of 100 percent real vegetables and is free from artificial flavors or preservatives. It can be made in three simple steps and can easily serve four people. The product is a perfect blend of authentic flavors, an irresistible aroma, and a lip-smacking taste.


(B) Urban Platter Vegan Creamy Mushroom Cup Soup

This mushroom soup is available in six flavors. It is ready in a minute. One pack contains seven no. of sachets. One sachet is equal to one cup of soup.

To make it just add 220 ml of boiling water. wait for around one and half minutes and be ready to enjoy delicious mushroom soup.


(C)Maggi Excellence Mushroom Soup

This is another excellent mushroom soup and fulfills your unwanted hunger.


2. mushroom fresh vegetables

This mushroom has the finest flavor. Once ordered it reaches you directly from the farmer.

3. Mushroom Pickle

(A) Pachranga’s Farm Fresh Mushroom Pickle

If you are interested to take mushroom as pickle than this could be your one of the best choice.


3. Dried Mushrooms

(A) Urban Platter Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

This mushroom is also called a fragrant mushroom. Earlier shiitake mushrooms were growing on the trunk of trees which are fallen down.

Now due to the advancement of scientific technology is grown on wood sawdust.

Shiitake mushroom is now used as a base for meat, pasta, and fish sauces. It can also be used for stuffing purposes.

4. Mushroom Sauce

(A) Woh hup Shitake Mushroom Vegetarian Sauce

This mushroom sauce is quite popular in Singapore. It is a pure vegetarian soup.

5. Mushroom powder

( A ) Rooted Oyster Mushroom Extract Powder

This is made from mushroom fruit body extract. It has high bioactive compounds like polysaccharides and polyphenols.

you can take it with warm water, salad or juice or tea. It provides high fiber which helps in the control of blood sugar, cholesterol,

and heart health. It also provides immunity to the body. This is an anti-stress and antioxidants compound.



Question 1. What is the time to grow mushrooms?
Answer 1. Mushroom is grown all over the year.
Question 2. What is the benefit of consuming mushrooms?
Answer 2. Mushroom has high-quality proteins, vitamins, salt, and minerals in it. Due to the availability of almost all required
compounds in it, the Mushroom diet is called complete food.
Question 3. Are there harmful Mushrooms?
Answer 3 . There are only a few mushrooms that are harmful but these are naturally grown mushrooms and found in the forest.
Question 4. Are all cultivated mushrooms are safe for health?
Answer: 4. Absolutely Yes, all mushrooms which are grown in scientific agricultural methods are absolutely safe for eating.
Question 5. Should we wash mushrooms before using it?
Answer 5 Yes absolutely, you should wash it with water before using it for salad or cooking purposes.
Question 6. How many times should I eat mushrooms?
Answer 6. Mushroom can be part of your daily diet.


The Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations has recommended and recognized the benefit of eating mushrooms. F.A.O has advised especially developing countries to provide their population, mushrooms as a complete food.

At present world is producing around 115 lakh ton Mushrooms every year. China is the leading country in Mushrooms production.

As evident above, the Benefit of eating mushrooms is so huge that everybody of us must include it in our diet.

As there is a large population worldwide which is malnutrition, production of Mushrooms should be increased and provided to all these populations.

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