Tree Planting

Tree  Planting

Tree planting is very important for improving air quality by providing oxygen in the environment. Tree planting is also play a important role for conserving water, stopping soil erosion and more importantly protecting natural wild life. From last few decades its importance increased many fold and become essential part of any programme for improving environment.

Why Tree planting is important

Tree plants make their food with the process of Photosynthesis , in which trees take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and put oxygen (O2) in the environment. As we Human beings take in oxygen and produce carbon dioxide this process of Tree provided us Oxygen to breathe. So lets assume if there is no plant on earth and all the oxygen converted to carbon dioxide than how will human beings survive. It is therefore tree planting is very important and needed for survival of all of us.


Tree Plantingis also needed as tree conserve water and preserve soil by stopping soil erosion. Whenever land is covered with tree plants it slow down the water flow therefore giving more time to land to absorb much of the rain water.  Tree plants bind its roots with soil and therefore protecting soil to washed away during high flow of water.

Tree Planting support wild life in a big way. Trees provide food, shelter and also place for reproduction. Many animals and birds use trees for nesting and resting. Some animals use tree to hunt their prey.

Trees when mature also produce fruits which are delicious and food for many animals and birds.

Trees provide us not only food and oxygen but also many type of medicine which is extracted from tree plants. Trees also provide us shelter and different types of tools.

Trees also bring more rain for us because tree plants lose water as water vapour and when this water vapour come into the contact of normal moist air, it makes it more saturated and thereby brings rain to that locality.


Trees have big and important impact on our weather in 03 ways:

1.    Trees lower temperature

2.    Trees reduce energy usages

3.    Trees reduce air pollutants

As per estimate good numbers of tree in and around our home can decrease around 30 percent air conditioning cost.


Trees have Aesthetic value


It beautifies our property, building, parks, surrounding buildings. Trees also increase the value of our property. It also improves our way of life.

Trees provide timber for construction and fuel for heating.


Planting of trees

It become very necessary to plant trees in a large scale as over the years we humans cut forests for agricultural, industrial and housing purposes. More and more trees were cut to construct roads and railways tracks.


How to plant trees


Tree Species


Some of tree species are


1.    Red Maple

       (Acer rubrum)


2.    Silver Maple

       (Acer saccharinum)


3.    Sugar Maple

       (Acer saccharum)


4.    Black Oak

      (Quercus velutina)


5.    Chestnut Oak

       (Quercus montana)


6.    Scarlet Oak

     (Quercus coccinea)


7.    White Oak

     (Quercus alba)


8.    American Beech

       (Fagus grandifolia)


9.    Black Cherry

     (Prunus serotina)


10.  Honey-Locust

     (Gleditsia triacanthos)


11.  Tulip Tree

     (Liriodendron tulipifera)


12.  Neem 




13.  Sal 

    (Shorea robusta)


14.  Sandalwood 

    (santalum album)


15.  Coconut

   (coccos – nucifera)


16.  Toona

    (Toona Ciliata)


17.  Banyan

    ( Ficus Benghalensis)


18.  Mango

     (Mangifera Indica)


 Which Tree Plants to Plant


This is very important to select appropriate Tree species. You should plant that tree species which is fast growing and easy to grow in that area and comfortable with local climatic conditions like temperature, rain etc.  If you are looking for tree planting for shade in the summer then deciduous plants should be your choice and should be planted south side of your home. Maples, Oaks and beech trees are good example of this.

If you are looking for block blustery air in the winter than evergreen trees are your best choice.


From where you get Tree Siblings


You can raise tree siblings in two ways


1.    Raise tree siblings in tree nurseryYou can produce tree plants in tree nursery with use of collected seeds from mature trees. Seeds can be planted after digging soil and broadcasting Tree seeds on it. You can also use polythene bags for planting seeds. After sowing tree seeds you keep up watering and weeding. After few days tree seeds will start germinating and you can use tree plants of   appropriated sizes according to you suitability.


2.    Bring tree siblings from nearby nursery


This is the most practical way of getting tree siblings of appropriate heights and sizes from professional nursery as in this way you will get ready tree plants and can use them whenever you want to plant them.


Transfer of Tree Plants from its mother site to growing Site

Take all precautions to transfer tree plants from its nursery to avoid any damage to its roots. You should only transfer tree plants to planting site which are healthy, Pest and disease free. Tree plants should be transplanted as fast as possible.


Process of Planting Trees


Dig a shallow broad planting hole which should at least two times wider than the tree plant root ball. It is important to mention here that Top of the root ball should be level with the soil surface. This is very important that tree plant hole should be wide so that new planted tree roots can develop easily. In and around of tree plants root soil should not be very compact otherwise it will be very difficult for the new tree plants to established.


Identify Root flare


This is the area at the base of tree. It is the area where first main roots are attached to the trunk and there should not be excess soil around it. It is therefore advisable that all the excess soil or any other material over trunk flare and top of the root ball should be removed.


Place the Tree at the proper height


Before placing the tree in the hole ,we should check to see that the planting tree hole has been dig to the proper depth – and no more. The majority of the roots on the newly planted tree will develop in the top of the soil. In case of tree planted too deep, will have great difficulty in growing due to lack of oxygen.  Trunk flare of the plants to be at ground level. To avoid damage when setting the tree in the hole, we always lift the tree by the root-ball and never by the trunk.

Straighten the Trees plants in the hole

If trees are of considerable height then before back filling of soil in the pit, someone view the tree from several directions to confirm that tree plant is straight. If you forget to do it before back filling then letter on it will be very difficult to reposition of the tree. It is always advisable to plant all tree plants straight, irrespective of their height and size.

Fill the hole gently but firmly

If tree plants is in Polythene bags, then gently remove it at the time back filling of soil without damaging roots of the tree plant and also plants root should not be exposed .

In case tree is few year old than in  step one fill the hole one third and pack the soil around tree plant root ball. if the tree is bailed and bur lapped , cut and remove all material like string and wire from around the root ball without damaging trunk or roots.


Stake the tree if necessary


If the tree plants is grown and dug properly, need of staking is in most cases not required but in case there is a chance of windy conditions and vandalism are concern staking is needed. For staking you can make stake of bamboos. In this process you can use two stakes in conjunction with a wide flexible material which will hold plant upright. You should remove staking after one year of tree growth.





During initial planting of trees, plant roots are not capable to use or absorb nutrient very efficiently, it is therefore advise to avoid broadcasting of manure in and around of planting pit, instead reasonable spraying of liquid nutrient can be used on foliage of tree plants.


Pesticides spraying


Apply pesticides during the cooler part of the day, such as the early morning or evening. It is done so that giving some time for  foliage to dry before temperatures reaches to high level during day time.


Some of tree pests

These are some of the pest which can damage your tree plants.



Gypsy Moth

The moth s hungry larvae defoliate many trees including Oak and Mapple.


Western Tent Caterpillar


Larvae of this caterpillar live in colonies , feeding together and start defoliation at the top and outer branches.


Douglas fir Tussock moths

It starts in late spring and you can see larvae feeding on new needles.

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

It starts around the same time tree start to bud. It stunts the growth of plant and stripped leaves.


Spruce Budworm

It is one of the most destructive pest in eastern U.S, it defoliate the tree to death.


Sap-Sucking Insects




This pest can stunt the new leaf growth and eat away at the sap in tree leaves.


Scale Insects

This pest feed on tree’s bark which cause stunted growth and if not controlled resulting to death.


Integrated Pest management


1.    Regular monitoring of pest and put light trap to trap moths.

2.    Weed clearing and disposal of seedlings infested with pest are needed.

3.    Not rush to chemical pest spraying and give time to develop natural enemy population.

4.    Better to plant species which is resistant to  pest.

5.    Pluck larva regularly at least 10 days round.

6.    In initial period when infestation is low, Neem oil should be sprayed to deter caterpillars.

7.    In higher infestation 0.05% Monocrotophos or 0.076% Dicholrvos can be sprayed as per need based.


Tree planting is related to very survival of human being, it is therefore duty of all of us to contribute whatever the way we can to make TREE PLANTING as a successful venture.

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